A year after entering the Kimberly Process, Cameroon has sold 2414 carats in diamonds

According to statistics revealed by Cameroon’s Minister of Industry, Mining and Technological Development, since entering the Kimberly Process on August 14, 2012, the country has exported a little over 2414 carats in diamonds.

Diamond exports which have been handled by the Korean company, C&K Mining, which holds the permit to exploit the Mobilong deposit which is considered to be one of the largest in the world, brought 282 million F. CFA or 12.5% into the State’s coffers. According to results of a census conducted in July 2013 in the East region by the National Permanent Secretariat of the Kimberly Process, there are seven small-scale diamond mining zones in which 238 small-scale workers operate.

The Permanent Secretariat also revealed that small-scale diamond production in Cameroon is currently estimated to be approximately 5,000 carats per annum.

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